Latest developments from the team @ GradGPT 🚀
13 Mar 24
GradGPT is top 10 fastest growing SaaS tech
Thanks to the many students joining the platform, we've made it to the top 10 fastest growing SaaS tech. Onwards and upwards!
11 Mar 24
Update: Revamped community🎙️
We wanted to create a place where students can talk about college applications: share their problems, knowledge and get help. We've revamped the forum into a powerful new platform. Try it out!
1 Mar 24
New launch 🤩 AI Counselor
Wouldn't it be nice if every student had their own personal expert advisor for college applications? Ask the new AI counselor all your questions!
20 Feb 24
Transfer essay writer 🔀
Thinking of transferring to another college? We've got you covered. Check out the new transfer essay writer and give us your feedback.
15 Feb 24
Fresh new dashboard 🏠
With more AI tools lined up, we've given the login dashboard a fresh new look to make everything easier to find. Keep an eye out for the upcoming launches.
31 Jan 24
New Year updates 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣
Starting January strong with the launch of 4 new tools for college applications 🎉 Check them out:
Essay hook generator↗
College decision dates calendar↗
AP English lang score calculator↗
AP World history score calculator↗
28 Nov
New feature! AI CV Reviewer 👀
College application season is in!🍂 Students are preparing their profiles and what better time to launch an AI Resume Reviewer! GradGPT AI will detect mistakes, suggest best practices and more, in minutes. Try it now↗
21 Nov
Creating a Community 💬🙋
With more than 4000 students on the website, we want to give them a place to voice their opinions. Join the forum to discuss how AI can help you with college applications.
16 Nov
Launching the SOP Reviewer! 🔖
Get deep, comprehensive feedback on your Statement of Purpose! AI SOP reviewer is launched in beta. Try it out and let us know on discord.
1 Nov
Announcing the Accel program 🎓
Starting Jan 2024, 200 students will be selected for building college applications with mentors. GradGPT will be releasing awesome new AI tools for this cohort. Apply now!
1 Oct
Building an AI copilot 🤖
The process of college applications is long and complicated. Can we create an AI copilot that simplifies college applications for students? We're building this vision at
1 Sep
1500 monthly users and growing fast 🚀
More and more students are using GradGPT to improve their college applications! We're building new AI tools for students applying to universities, join the waitlist↗
15 May
Commonapp essay prompt guides available!
The ultimate set of Commonapp essay templates to help you nail the college applications. Check it out↗
2 May
AI SOP writer is launched⚡️
Wondering if ChatGPT can write a Statement of Purpose? We'll do you one better, try the GradGPT's free SOP Writer. We've trained it on essays from Stanford, MIT, Harvard and more. Try it here↗
16 April
Letter of Recommendation writer is launched ✍️
You can now write personalised, authentic letters of recommendation in minutes using GradGPT's AI. Try it here↗
12 April
Our blog is live! 📖
Curated information for students on higher education, career planning and the latest technology for college applications.
9 April
GradGPT is on twitter
The latest and greatest from GradGPT! follow us here↗