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On use of AI in college applications and GradGPT's core philosophy
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AI in college applications

Many institutions do not have clear guidelines on the use of generative AI in their policies on academic honesty. It is a growing challenge for educators and universities to adapt to the use of AI by students.

Keeping in mind the spirit of assessment, here's how we recommend using AI:

Bad use of AI:

1. Replacing your own opinions -

The essays are meant to understand the student, their thought process and mindset. Directly copy-pasting generative AI responses is not in line with the intent of the evaluation. Always ensure your own personality / thoughts are captured in the answers.

2. Creating false information -

Do not use LLMs to create hypothetical facts about yourself and your past experience.

Good / Permissible use of AI:

1. As a writing tool -

Paraphrasing, correcting grammar, improving writing style are great applications of LLMs. You are like the director of the movie & AI is your camera crew, animators, musicians etc. to bring the movie to life.

2. For research -

LLMs save a huge amount of time in retrieving information. For eg:

"Find public universities offering bachelors in digital humanities, with student scholarships, optional test policy and deadlines after 2 months."

"Do we need to notarize documents?"

"What is the document checklist for Masters in CS at UC Berkeley?"

Universities, professors and students can benefit greatly with custom LLMs.

3. Feedback / second opinions -

How can I improve my essay? Critique the letter / Review my application etc. Large language models can give insights on your work, which helps you do better.

Our guiding principles

Bring value to the people

Our goal is to empower students, educators, universities and everyone in this ecosystem. Every AI product, tool, feature must satisfy this condition.

Responsible design

College admissions are a critical step in the careers of students. The AI solutions should respect the university standards and protect the students' interests.

Learn and iterate

Generative AI and these tech solutions are new territory. We will make mistakes when building something new. But, with feedback and community, we can improve it over time.

Be a pioneer in college applications

The future of college applications is going to look radically different. Virtual advisors, intelligent course planning, resumes that come alive and much more. We will support research into the unique challenges faced by students, professors and institutions during the applications journey, and build innovative solutions for them.