Cornell University Common Dataset : How to get into Cornell?

Published on
April 21, 2024
University Statistics
In this blog, we will dissect profiles of students admitted to Cornell. This will help you understand how well you match with admitted students in terms of GPA, SAT, ACT, and extracurriculars.
Cornell has an admission rate of 9.7%. Let's dive deep into the official Cornell common data set.

Insight #1: Academic GPA shines brighter than class rank: 18% admitted to Cornell were outside the top 10%.

18% of Cornell admits were NOT in the top 10 of their high school class rank

Insight #2: Around 95% of admitted students had a SAT score >=1400, around 97% had an ACT>=30

Around 95% of students had a SAT score >=1400
Around 97% of students had an ACT score >= 30

Insight #3: The absolute GPA is of higher importance in comparison to relative class rank

Insight #4: The approximate average number of extracurricular activities among admitted students at Cornell appears to be around 7

This observation is based on analyzing the profiles of admitted Cornell students.An open resource repository of admits allows you to explore admitted student profiles and potentially build your own application strategy around these insights.

For example, the student participated in eight extracurricular activities, including serving as the youth director at a fundraising event, being an assistant at Girls Who Code, building websites during the summer, and working at a restaurant.

By analyzing the Cornell Common Data Set and closely examining real admitted student profiles, we can gain a better understanding of the ideal applicant for Cornell University.

By analyzing the Cornell common data set, we can glean insights into standardized test scores, GPAs, and the characteristics of admitted students. To Check out the academic profile and extracurricular details of admitted students at Cornell: Admitted Students