The Secret Weapon Ivy League Students Use to Write Winning Essays

Published on
July 6, 2024

If you could have a one-on-one coaching session with a top college admissions officer, what would you ask them? How to craft the perfect essay? What makes a standout applicant? Many students are getting this insider knowledge, and more, thanks to a powerful tool: AI college essay editors.

Top students aren't using AI to write their essays for them, but rather as a powerful tool to elevate their essays to a higher level of quality. And it's not just Ivy League students - Forbes reports over 80% of universities now use AI to evaluate essays, so using an AI editor gives you a glimpse into how your essay will be scored by admissions committees


Here's how it works:

1. Get an Objective Score to Know How Good Your Essay Really Is

One of the biggest challenges in writing a college essay is knowing how good it really is. With an AI college essay editor, you can eliminate the guesswork. Did you know that over 99.5% of successful Ivy Admits had a GradGPT score of 80 or higher? This kind of objective feedback can give you the confidence you need to know your essay meets high standards

For e.g, This is one of the essays that worked for John Hopkins

Admitted essay to John Hopkins University with GradGPT Score: 86

Using an AI editor gives you a glimpse into how your essay might be scored by admissions committees, helping you understand where you stand.

AI college essay editor

2. Identify and Fix Red Flags

An AI college essay editor can help you spot potential issues that could harm your chances of admission, such as:

  • Poor readability: Ensure your essay is easy to read and understand.
  • Incoherent flow: Make sure your ideas are logically organized.
  • Inconsistent information: Avoid contradictions and maintain a consistent narrative.
  • Clich√©s and flattery: Steer clear of overused phrases and insincere compliments.
  • Poor writing style: Polish your writing to be more engaging and effective.
  • Lack of substance: Ensure your essay has depth and meaningful content.

Below is an example essay that did NOT work well with the admissions committee:

GradGPT Score 59 on a weak college admission essay

3. Quickly iterate to a near perfect essay

AI Essay Coach

Some editors even come with an AI essay coach that acts like a real-life coach, guiding you through five stages of improvement (alignment, content, authenticity, flow and writing style) and hand-holding you along the way. This comprehensive support ensures your essay meets the highest standards and significantly boosts your chances of admission.

AI college admissions essay coach suggesting on how to improve the essay

Ready to transform your college essay? Try GradGPT AI college essay editor now for free and see the difference it can make!